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All services are available either online or face to face. For individual therapy I also offer telephone counselling.

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£50.00 per session.

I offer 50 or 60 minute sessions.

Individual therapy offers you a safe and confidential space to explore aspects and experiences from your life that you would like to heal, process or explore to a deeper level. People come to therapy for a range of reasons; from addiction, trauma, anxiety, to feeling at a loss with where your life is going and what is important to you. Your life experiences, reasons for wanting therapy and goals for therapy will be as unique as you so please give me a call or email if you would like to discuss this at more depth. 

Therapy can offer specific grounding skills and coping techniques, explore self worth, look at what is and is not working for you as well as offering a deeper understanding of self and help to unpick some of the relational and/or behavioural patterns you may be experiencing.


£85.00 per session. 

90 minute sessions.

Couples therapy is a safe place to explore topics that as a couple you may struggle to resolve or process within your relationship.

Entering into a relationship can be a bit like two planets colliding, each planet has their own set of morals, values and principles and these values will have varying degrees of similarity. Relationships can also suffer trauma, and couples counselling can be a way of exploring that trauma together and exploring how you are both experiencing it.

Therapy offers a confidential space to give you both the time to express how you are feeling and explore how you may be communicating.

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